Choose Your Unique Beauty, Choose to have Peace of Mind—Actress Fang Wen-Lin

Actress Fang Wen-Lin
Thermage FLX—Choose to have a Peace of Mind

▲ A comfortable environment where one feels at ease is their own home.

A comfortable environment where one feels at ease is their own home
It’s been three months since the opening of Le-Renouveau. Despite being extremely busy, I finally got the chance to visit and chat with @dr.williamko , who shared some of the latest information regarding cosmetic surgery with me, including discussing the Thermage FLX treatment.

Modern advanced technology has really helped us maintain our health. Along with healthy diet and exercise, correct tools and methods can help slow down our skin’s aging process…

▲ Individual private spaces for maximum privacy and no interruptions.

Thermage FLX is a non-invasive treatment that uses heat energy to penetrate into the skin and stimulate collagen repair, without changing the original facial features and allowing one to retain their unique appearance.
For those who desire natural beauty, RF treatment is a great choice.
It is highly worthwhile to invest in yourself and undergo RF treatment once every one or two years! !
According to Dr. Ko, the skin will not only become firmer and more lifted but also more elastic with smaller pores.

▲ Step 1: Choose a manufacturer certified clinic to ensure authenticity. You can also ask the clinic to provide the certificate of authenticity for a better peace of mind. Check the anti-counterfeiting laser label on the new probe packaging for authenticity prior to the treatment.

I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this experience. It’s also important to understand that some dynamic lines, such as wrinkles caused by laughter, will remain, and thus, set expectations accordingly.
(To be honest) For deeper dynamic wrinkles, BOTOX may be necessary. Ultimately, it’s personal choice of each individual to define their own sense of beauty and make the right choice for themselves.
Remember to choose a certified clinic with the Thermage FLX probe for a safe and secured experience!

▲Step 2: Scan the anti-counterfeit laser QR code with your cellphone

▲ Step 3: Ask the clinic staff to unpack a new probe and install it in front of you for assurance.

By taking proper care of the foundations of your skin with regular moisturizing and consistent use of sunscreen while going out, you can efficiently maintain a good skin condition without spending too much time and effort.

Excerpt from :  Actress Fang Wen-Lin