Rebuilding a Healthy Skin Ecology and Achieving a Spot-resistant Quality of Skin

Liver spots, or age spots, have always been a challenge for dermatologists. Although solutions ranging from early three-in-one blemish removal creams, tranexamic acid, various types of spot removal lasers, to cysteamine have been effective, there is always a room for improvement for achieving client satisfaction. The team of professional dermatologists at Le-Renouveau has upgraded to the latest generation of technology, Sylfirm X, to improve skin health by repairing the basal layer of the skin, reversing dermal photoaging, improving abnormal microvascular proliferation, and inhibiting melanocyte activity. The advancements in this technology have resulted in a significant improvement of its effectiveness.

SYLFIRM X has revolutionized the way that we maintain healthy skin, elevating skin health to a whole new level!

The new generation of the micro-needle Sylfirm X Electrosurgical System, also known as Sylfirm X.

Sylfirm X」uses a unique pulsed energy output and selective current to heat the specific structures and areas of skin tissue, rebuilding the healthy ecology of the skin. Unlike other treatments that fight only against melanin, this innovative system delivers shorter treatment times, less residual heat, and a safer approach to addressing the basement membrane, dermal vascular wall, and damaged fibroblasts. By enhancing skin health, repairing skin barriers and defenses, and achieving skin tightening of the face, Sylfirm X offers significant benefits over traditional treatment methods.

Who is SYLFIRM X suitable for?

The world’s only dual-wave micro-needle RF device, with outstanding effects particularly at treating liver spots. After the treatment, pigment deposition can be reduced by about 75% to 80%, and the recurrence rate of pigmentation is 60% to 90% lower than the effects of laser spot removal. The treatment also provides long-lasting effects, making it difficult for melanin to recur, and offering potential benefits for other skin concerns.

✦ Skin redness:Improves redness, sensitivity, and rosacea.

✦ Liver spots:Improves liver spots and effectively reduces their recurrence rate.

✦ Scar tissue:Improves stretch marks, growth marks, acne scars, and atrophic scars.

✦ Skin reconstruction:Improves fine lines and pores, brightens skin, and enhances skin texture.

SYLFIRM X—A pioneer in skin technology

Unlike traditional RF technologies, Sylfirm X produces the “Na Effect.” Through extensive study, international dermatologist Dr. Na has proven the Na Effect, which allows the safe and side-effect-free use of non-insulated needles. The entire needle is heated through the discharge of electricity, producing a three-dimensional electrical field between the needles. This enables a single treatment to penetrate the entire dermis layer, providing double the effectiveness and coverage rate as compared to other treatments! This is suitable for people with sensitive skin and liver spots.

The causes of liver spots are numerous and complex, involving both visible melanin issues and overall skin health, as well as the environmental factors. Earlier, the primary approach to removing liver spots was the rapid “destruction of melanin.” However, as the skin texture of liver spots is often fragile and accompanied by inflammation, this method can make the skin even more delicate and increase the risk of future melanin production. Ultimately, this traditional approach fails to cure the liver spots in appropriate manner. When the skin irritation occurs by external factors, it can become inflamed and produce melanin, leading to the recurrence of liver spots. This can result in a vicious cycle which perpetuates the appearance of these spots.

The key to effectively treating stubborn liver spots lies in “rebuilding a healthy skin”and improving the overall condition of the skin before removing melanin. Instead of aggressively targeting melanin, proper care for the skin allows in the development of a good quality skin, which is less susceptible to darkening. Sylfirm X, specifically designed for liver spot patients, provides a new choice in rebuilding a healthy skin.

Common Distributions of Liver Spots

Liver spots are majorly found on the cheekbones, sides of the face, and in front of the ears. They appear as large, yellow-brown or dark brown blotches with fuzzy edges and irregular shapes, often occurring symmetrically on both the sides of the face.

Histologically, an increase in epidermal melanin and melanocytes can be observed where liver spots occur. 
While treating liver spots and other dark spots, it is crucial to consider the following three factors:
1. Capillary proliferation. 
2. Effects of dermal aging.
3. Damage to the basement membrane.

Due to factors such as age, hormones, and UV radiation, imbalances occur within the skin, resulting in the following conditions:

. Increased melanin production by melanocytes in the epidermis: Hormonal changes and exposure to UV radiation can cause melanocytes in the epidermis to produce more pigment.

. Perforation of the basement membrane: Aging and exposure to UV radiation cause damage to the basement membrane, causing the pigment to drop from the epidermis to the dermis, leading to the deposition of pigment in the dermis.

. Capillary proliferation: Abnormal growth of capillaries supplies more nutrients to melanocytes.

. Aging of the dermis: Fibroblasts, elastin proteins, adipocytes, and sebaceous cells within the dermis signal to the epidermal cells, stimulating production of pigmentation.

How does Sylfirm X effectively treat liver spots?

Gain an understanding of Sylfirm’s mechanism for the treatment of liver spots using the histopathology of liver spots

1 Increased quantity of melanin in the epidermis or dermis
2 Basement membrane damage occurs, causing melanocytes to sink
3 Vascular proliferation and capillary dilation
4 Solar elastosis and dermal environmental aging

The concept of a skincare ecosystem considers the interior of the skin to be an ecosystem, where each part of the system must maintain a healthy balance to prevent the formation of dark spots. Sylfirm X can balance epidermal cells, repair the basement membrane, reverse the aging of various cells in the dermal layer, and prevent capillary proliferation, thereby balancing the skin’s ecosystem and eradicating liver spots.

The probe, which utilizes a 24K gold micro-needle, gently heats the underlying layers of the skin, repairing damaged membranes, reversing dermal aging, and reduces melanin production. Simultaneously, at the optimal frequency, it soothes and constricts excess capillaries, intercepting the nutrient sources of pigmentation and helping the skin regain its health. Ultimately, this treatment helps cure dark spots.


It is recommended to apply sunscreen after the Sylfirm X treatment and leave the skin for at least 4 hours without makeup. It is advised to avoid going to high temperature areas for a week after the treatment to minimize the potential for skin irritation. Further, avoid using products, such as acids, exfoliants, and alcohol-based products, that may cause irritation.

1.Individuals with artificial cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, or other implanted electrical devices.

2.Pregnant or breastfeeding women.

3.Individuals with skin cancer or skin diseases, acute illnesses (such as heart-related diseases), autoimmune diseases (such as AIDS, HIV) or on medications that lower the immune system.

4.Individuals with diseases, such as keloids or other wounds, that may hinder skin recovery, blood clot-related disorders, or those who have received anticoagulant medication within the past 10 days.

5.Individuals with heat-sensitive diseases (such as recurrent herpes simplex requiring prophylactic drug treatment).

The needle is equivalent of the thickness of 3 hair, and there may be a slight sensation similar to an electric shock in thinner skin areas. We recommend applying a suitable amount of numbing cream prior to treatment to significantly reduce the pain and make the process more comfortable.

Immediately after the procedure, slight redness and swelling on the skin may be observed, which normally improves or disappears within 2–4 hours of the treatment. The recovery period is short and there are no problems of scabbing.

After one course of Sylfirm X, the brightness and improved texture of the skin will be visible. For patients with mild liver spots, rosacea, or redness, an average of three treatments will have better noticeable results. For patients with more severe symptoms, more treatments based on the severity of the symptoms are required to achieve significant improvements. The number of treatments required varies depending on the individual skin condition.

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