The Unique Temperament of News Anchor Phoebe Kao—Customized Skin

The Unique Temperament of News Anchor Phoebe Kao
Customized Hydra-Oxygen Skin Management

As my skin is allergic to mites, my face broke out into a rough texture with several bumps.
I immediately went to @dr.williamko at Le-Renouveau to seek his help.

He helped me create a tailored treatment plan, and my skin condition had improved a lot after two months of treatment.
He later arranged for a “hydra-oxygen skin management session” to cleanse my pores and remove dirt and blackheads.

He also added a deep moisturizing facial mask treatment, after which I finally felt like my pores were able to breathe!

After several treatments, I finally regained my smooth skin, and it’s only becoming more and more radiant after the treatment!(Pictures speak louder than words.)

Actually, I’ve been bombarded with questions since I posted an update.
Le-Renouveau is located in a hidden mansion in the Xinyi district. The ambience is elegant and comfortable, with a New York Manhattan-style high-ceiling design. Every corner is a perfect spot for clicking photos.😆
You can even enjoy hand-brewed coffee and snacks during your wait time. I was so relaxed each time I visited the clinic. You should come and experience it for yourself!

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Excerpt from : News Anchor Phoebe Kao