Hello Catie—Combating Acne Diary: Vbeam Perfecta Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment

Hello Catie X Vbeam Perfecta Pulsed Dye Laser
Excerpt from:HelloCatie Facebook Fan Page
The record of my bloody war against pimples is finally revealed!
I am not sure if you guys remember my crazy period of acne breakouts earlier this year.
So many of you expressed concern for me during that time.

The breakout was probably due to the fact that I was changing my skin care products constantly.
Despite knowing which product would make my skin go back to a stable state, I couldn’t resist trying new products as it is the part of my job.
After damaging my skin with unsuitable products, I foolishly believed that trying another new product, to repair and quickly alleviate inflammation and acne, would be a good idea. As a result, I made myself look so terrible.
Insufficient rest due to my busy lifestyle, coupled with the possibility of a hormonal imbalance, only intensified the issue.
As my severe acne condition didn’t seem to improve, I eventually had to seek medical help from Dr. Ko, who then chastised me (jokingly) hahaha.
He was surprised to see how I had allowed it to become so severe before seeking any help. I must advise everyone to immediately see a doctor if their acne persists for a long time without any sign of healing, especially is the condition is similar to mine with extremely swollen, inflammatory acne, otherwise it will become extremely difficult to handle.

▲The first day after the Vbeam Perfecta Pulsed Dye Laser treatment

This time Dr. Ko, the dermatologist, used the combination of a dye and picosecond dual-laser treatment
on the lower half of my face to target acne spots. I chose to retain my freckles because I like to test how well my makeup can hide them. (Generally, freckles can also be eliminated together with acne spots from this treatment.😂

As the acne marks were deeply embedded, a stronger energy level was utilized during the treatment. I monitored my progress during the week (my hand gestures indicate the number of days that had passed since the treatment). Redness was particularly noticeable for the first few days, and after around 5 days, the marks were easily coverable by makeup.

Now that everyone is wearing masks, it’s a good opportunity to receive laser treatment so that any spots or scabs can be covered under the masks.
It is a wise decision to take advantage of this situation and undergo treatment.
Following treatment, more than 50% of the acne marks can fade in a week,
followed by a gradual improvement over the next two to three weeks. After a month, these marks should vanish by 80–90%.
Additional sessions can be arranged if you would like to completely eliminate these marks.
However, as I am not so bothered about my acne marks, and having some blemishes allows me to still test the effectiveness of foundation,
so I just left them at that point.
For those who are concerned about experiencing pain, I don’t know if it’s due to the quality of the anesthetic cream at Le-Renouveau, or for some other reason,
my recent laser treatment was surprisingly painless. I didn’t feel anything until the doctor asked me if it hurt between applications of the laser.
Then I actually asked, “Have you used the laser yet?” And that’s how I had the least painful laser treatment of my life.I’m so happy. 🤣