Dual Picosecond Lasers


美國原廠皮秒雷射機種 – PicoSure以及PicoWay,均通過美國FDA及台灣衛福部認證。


完整涵蓋532nm / 755nm / 1064nm 全波段,雙重選擇,picoway聚焦探頭以及picosure蜂巢透鏡,將能量集中,擊碎黑色素,也能夠進行真皮層治療及保養,時間是皮秒雷射的獨特優勢,時間越短、熱能越少,能量卻增強,不但能夠有效率的破壞皮膚的色素與斑點,卻又不會過度產生熱能,治療恢復期相當短,有別於傳統雷射副作用。




Manufacturer Approved Picosecond Lasers

The original US manufacturer – Candela- PicoSure and PicoWay laser technologies have both been certified by the US FDA and Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Comprehensive Dual Equipment

The picosecond laser system provides comprehensive coverage of the full spectrum of 532 nm/755 nm/1064 nm, with dual selection and the use of both the PicoWay and PicoSure Focus Lens to concentrate energy and break apart melanin. In addition to performing dermal treatments and maintenance, picosecond lasers have the unique advantage of producing short duration pulses and low heat generation while producing large amounts of energy. They are highly effective at efficiently treating skin pigmentation and spots, minimize heat accumulation, resulting in a shorter recovery period compared to traditional laser treatments, and also avoid associated side effects.

PicoSure and PicoWay lasers are effective at treating various skin conditions and stimulating collagen production, irrespective of age. These lasers can eliminate problems such as acne scars, fine lines, and pores, resulting in a more refined and smooth complexion.

Precision Treatment

Tailored treatment plans, based on precise diagnosis and individual skin conditions identified by dermatologists, offer each patient a personalized laser therapy plan for optimal skin improvement.

  1.  Opt for a professional dermatologist to evaluate your skin condition and concerns, and help you choose the most suitable light therapy device and energy level for your treatment.
  2. This treatment is generally not recommended for pregnant women or people with blood or immune system disorders.
  3. Clients who are on photosensitive medication or retinoic acid are advised to discontinue medication and undergo assessment by a specialist physician before considering to undergo this treatment.
  1. After phototherapy treatment, appropriate moisturizer and ice packs will be provided at the clinic.
  2.  For a month after the treatment, you must pay close attention to applying sun protection and moisturizer, and avoid excessive exercise.
  3. When outdoors, we recommend the use of sun protection accessories, such as umbrellas, hats, and masks, as a prevention against ultraviolet rays.
  4. If scabs develop after the treatment, do not pick at or forcefully clean the affected area with your hands.
  5. Ensure to moisturize the affected area and allow scabs to peel off naturally.
  6. If you experience any discomfort after the treatment, please feel free to contact the clinic staff at any time to arrange for a consultation.
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