Certified by both the US FDA in 2009, and later by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan, Ulthera is a non-invasive skin tightening device that provides a lift effect for the face. It is effective at lifting eyebrows and tightening facial skin, offering remarkable results.

Collagen in the skin gradually diminishes with age, leading to problems such as skin sagging, drooping, and wrinkles. Moreover, external factors such as irregular sleep patterns and work stress exacerbate skin-aging problems. Typically, for individuals over the age of 30, relying solely on laser treatments or skincare products will not likely solve these problems effectively. Therefore, the non-invasive Ulthera System, which targets problems of aging and loose skin, offers a new option for beauty enthusiasts.

Ulthera has the advantages of being a non-invasive treatment that leaves no wounds, has no recovery time, and has no need for multiple procedures. Using HIFU focused ultrasound technology (which works using a principle similar to that of a magnifying glass focusing light rays onto a focal point), it transmits energy inside out, with a treatment depth of up to 4.5 mm and the ability to target the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) or the muscle layer of the skin that are normally only addressed through surgical face lifts.

Ulthera produces 8,000 to 10,000 independent coagulation points, with thermal energy acting on the deep layers of the skin, promoting collagen production and allowing the tissue to absorb. Thermal energy helps the skin through the following:

  1.  The immediate contraction of collagen and the SMAS layer, which may result in a tight sensation for a short time after the surgery.
  2. The regeneration of collagen from tissue heating. The effect varies depending on individual constitution and the aging condition of the skin. Generally, the effects gradually become visible after 3 to 6 months of the procedure and can last up to 1.5 to 2 years.
Penetration depth and treatment area

Ulthera is certified by both the US FDA and Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare for its facial lifting and tightening effects. During the Ulthera treatment, doctors evaluate the patient’s skin condition and use probes with varying depths to focus ultrasound energy on the fibromuscular layer, which is typically about 4.5mm deep and can otherwise only be reached through surgical procedures, thus achieving a firming and lifting effect.


Skin aging and sagging vary from person to person. At Beauté J’adore, we conduct a professional skin test and analysis to customize our recommendations and plans for treatment based on the medical team’s evaluation of your desired face or body improvements

Any treatment carries risks, and if the doctor lacks experience or fails to control the energy levels, there exists the possibility of local nerve damage. Therefore, it is very important to carefully choose an experienced doctor.

After treatment, some mild and temporary side effects such as redness, stinging, or tenderness may occur in the treated area. With proper home care as instructed by the doctor, the skin will recover within a few days. In addition, you can resume your normal routine, including work and daily activities, the day after the treatment.

Pregnant women and individuals with diabetes or epilepsy are not recommended to undergo the procedure. Those with open wounds or cystic acne on the face should also avoid it.

The level of pain experienced during the treatment may vary from person to person. However, any discomfort is temporary and often indicates the beginning of collagen regeneration in the skin. Before the treatment, we recommend communicating with your doctor and following their advice to select the appropriate anesthesia method to reduce pain and tension.

The number of required treatments depends on the doctor’s evaluation of the level of aging and looseness in the skin. Generally, the lifting effects can be felt after the first treatment. However, if a greater lifting effect is desired, the client can discuss subsequent treatments with the doctor.

The effects of Ulthera treatment typically last for about two years, but may vary depending on factors such as age, individual constitution, and lifestyle habits. To help maintain the effects for a longer period of time, it is recommended to moisturize regularly, use sun protection, avoid staying up late, and refrain from smoking and consuming alcohol.

Thermage effectively creates a foundation for the surface of the skin, as well as tightening and improving fine lines. Ulthera, in contrast, locally or comprehensively enhances the lifting effect of the skin. As such, the two treatments complement each other, and the doctor can evaluate and determine if a combination is necessary.

  • If you have received any filling injections, thread embedding, surgery, or other treatments in the target area, please inform the doctor prior to the treatment.

  • Avoid using topical medications containing acids three days before treatment to avoid irritation of the skin.

  • This treatment is not suitable for individuals with open wounds, lesions, or severe cystic acne on the face and neck.

  • This treatment is not suitable for individuals with metal supports or implants in their face or neck.

  • This treatment is not suitable for individuals with subcutaneous fillers, as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women.

  • This treatment is not suitable for individuals with autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and epilepsy.

  • The symptoms of redness, swelling, warmth, enlargement, and tingling after the treatment are normal and will gradually subside within an hour.

  • Small rashes, acne, or pimples after treatment are all natural metabolic phenomena.

  • When cleansing the skin, opt for non-irritating products and choose between warm or cool water. Be gentle and avoid using exfoliating facial cleansers, as well as other exfoliating treatments.

  • For the four weeks following the treatment, it is recommended to use only gentle skincare products and avoid those containing alcohol, fragrance, L-ascorbic acid, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), or any other acidic and irritating products. Additionally, please make sure to keep your skin adequately moisturized.

  • Do not overexpose your skin to sunlight. It is recommended to apply sunscreen with SPF30 or above when going outside, to reapply sunscreen regularly, and to wear a sun hat or carry an umbrella.

  • Within the two weeks following the treatment, avoid behaviors that may cause infection or skin irritation, such as outdoor activities, saunas, and hot springs.

  • It is recommended to refrain from smoking, consuming alcohol, and consuming spicy food for the first six months after the treatment, as these may all irritate the skin.

  • It is recommended to use a combination of moisturizing and firming care treatments four weeks after Ulthera treatment to enhance its effectiveness at stimulating collagen production.

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