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新一代鳳凰電波能量更精準、治療更快速、體驗更舒適。Thermage FLX鳳凰電波利用非侵入的單極電波科技,以3D立體容積式加熱原理,將熱能傳導至較深層且富含膠原蛋白的真皮層和皮下組織,刺激膠原蛋白新生重組,啟動人體自然修復反應,進而達到除皺除紋的緊膚目的。

Thermage FLX鳳凰電波 - 療程特色
Thermage FLX鳳凰電波 - 探頭與波長說明
Thermage FLX鳳凰電波 - 探頭優勢

The new generation Thermage FLX is more precise in its use of energy, faster at treating, and provides a more comfortable experience. Thermage FLX employs non-invasive monopolar RF technology, which utilizes the principle of 3D volumetric heating to transport the heat energy to the deeper layers of the dermis and to the collagen-rich subcutaneous tissue. This process stimulates the restructuring of collagen proteins and activates the body’s natural repair process, resulting in an improved appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and a tighter and more youthful-looking skin.

Thermage FLX - Treatment Features
Thermage FLX ® Treatment Features
Thermage FLX ® — Probe advantages

Certified Thermage FLX Instructor Dr. William Ko


Thermage FLX is a cutting-edge authentic skin tightening treatment that utilizes the exclusive smart technology of monopolar RF and the principle of 3D volumetric heating. By deep heating the entire skin, including the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin proteins, activating the body’s natural repair process and resulting in the reduction of wrinkles and in tighter, more elastic skin. The latest generation of Thermage FLX introduces the remarkable AccuREP smart energy optimization technology, which automatically precisely customizes the optimal energy needed for each area of the skin. This advanced feature significantly enhances the effectiveness of the treatment.

In most cases, a slight improvement can be felt after a single course of treatment. As collagen regeneration begins to take place, some patients can experience significant and lasting effects within 2 to 6 months, which can last for at least 12 months or even longer. This may vary depending on the individual skin conditions as well as lifestyle and dietary habits of the individual.

RF skin lifting offers a non-invasive treatment option that prioritizes the safety and comfort of the patients. For this purpose, the instruments used for treating different body parts, whether eyes, face, or body, are designed with a three-stage vibration mode, which serves to block nerve conduction and makes the overall experience of the treatment more comfortable. Additionally, a high-tech comfortable pulse system is incorporated to further improve the overall level of comfort. During the treatment, the patient will feel light warming sensation before receiving the cool sprays of refrigerant, simultaneously comforting and protecting the epidermis. No sedative anesthesia is required, and the doctor can adjust the RF energy level according to the immediate feedback provided by the patient using a heat feedback scale and through direct observation of the patient.


This is a non-invasive treatment. Some patients may temporarily experience slight redness after the treatment, but this usually subsides within 24 hours. Most patients are able to return to their regular activities immediately after the treatment. No special care is required afterward, other than basic skin maintenance and the use of broad-spectrum sunscreens as part of a regular skincare regimen.

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