【Harper’s Bazaar】“One’s natural appearance is most beautiful”—Le-Renouveau’s Balanced Aesthetics: Finding the Perfect Balance for Your Body, Mind, and Appearance

Article/image source:Harper’s Bazaar
“Le-Renouveau”, a comfortable home-like environment that provides both privacy and a lasting impression, offers you a sense of peace and relaxation!

Le-Renouveau is distinctive from its name alone. In its early days, the team asked themselves a question, “With so many medical beauty clinics already available, what kind of clinic do people really need?” As a result, Le-Renouveau is designed in a way that sets it apart from average aesthetic medicine clinics. It eschews the cold vibe common in such establishments and instead prioritizes providing high-quality, warm, and caring service. The clinic functions more like a medical club, providing a space for patrons to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

Le-Renouveau is situated in the Xinyi district. Despite the clinic being in a bustling area neighboring Taipei 101, the environment is quiet and peaceful. It is managed like a luxurious residence, providing a comfortable home-like experience to the clients. The space is thoughtfully divided to maintain guests’ privacy and comfort.

Emphasizing the importance of physical and mental balance, Le-Renouveau aims to create a relaxed space for its visitors.

Blending technical skill with artistic flair, Le-Renouveau draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi, used for repairing porcelain, while fine-tuning the faces that they treat.Dr. William Ko, the Chief Medical Technology Officer at Le-Renouveau, explained, “We usually spend a lot of our time in consultations, listening to the needs of our customers, identifying problems, and designing an overall healthcare plan for them. We also achieve a consensus on how to achieve ‘balanced aesthetics’ through our conversation with them.” Dr. Ko cited Kintsugi, the Japanese ceramic repair technique, as an example. A perfect piece of pottery is like a woman’s perfect appearance in her youth, which will inevitably develop some marks or cracks with age. The doctor is a craftsman responsible for repairing these. The Kintsugi technique emphasizes that repairing is not about achieving flawlessness, but rather transforming imperfections into a unique beauty that shines brighter with time.

“Le-Renouveau’s philosophy aligns with the concept of Kintsugi. Each person has unique natural features and bone structures, as well as individual definition and perspective of what being beautiful is. Our aim is to assist in uncovering and unlock the secret to each individual’s personal beauty, achieving personalized facial aesthetics through fine-tuning. This is our philosophy, which we call natural and emotional aesthetics, and we hope that it can bring balance and comfort to our clients.”

We believe that a person’s ultimate beauty is achieved when they attain a state of balance.

Achieving balance can refer to mental equilibrium or skin quality. Dr. Ko joked, “Someone once told me, ‘Dr. Ko, asking you to perform a laser treatment is really not a walk in the park!’ The clinic places a strong focus on skin management. As a part of the pre-treatment checkup, the clinic conducts a comprehensive evaluation of their clients, including skin quality, daily routines, skincare habits, and more. Rather than being a mere medical establishment, Le-Renouveau is more like a consultancy agency. There are cases where correcting a single habit or taking oral medication can significantly solve the client’s skin problems. Ultimately, if the skin condition requires, further treatments such as laser, long-lasting moisturizing injections, or RF and HIFU treatments can be performed.”


At Le-Renouveau, we emphasize “holistic health management” rather than single treatment methods on a single part of the skin

Dr. Ko’s profession as a dermatologist, combined with his background as a renowned international lecturer in minor cosmetic injections and the use of light-based lasers, gives him the expertise and ability required to creatively combine treatment methods to design exclusive long-term health and beauty plans for each individual face. Rather than following a standardized approach of “treating annoying spots with the laser in a set number of sessions for a set price,” Dr. Ko’s method involves an in-depth analysis of the skin followed by a personalized and all-encompassing course of treatment to provide the best possible care for the skin. The unparalleled level of warmth and attentiveness provided by Dr. Ko and his team is what sets the Le-Renouveau clinic apart from others in the industry.

The entire elite medical team at Le-Renouveau consists of specialist doctors. In addition to using the best materials and safest top-notch equipment, their techniques also conform to the latest international technologies and trends, offering customers the most accurate and caring treatments. Rather than having the many number of treatment options, Le-Renouveau strives to provide the most sophisticated treatment, as emphasized by Dr. Ko. The clinic’s philosophy centers on achieving physical, mental, and spiritual balance for every individual in the most natural possible way, and remains grounded in the essential qualities of professionalism.

Article/image source:Harper’s Bazaar