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Beauty is a state of balance, much like the golden ratio, and the holistic concept of using aesthetic medicine to coordinate the mind, body, and spirit is no exception to this. According to the philosophy of Hsueh Bo-Ren and William Ko, true beauty is achieved when the body, mind, and spirit are in a harmonious balance, resulting in a natural radiance and beauty that shines from within.

“While treating a person, I don’t just address an illness. Rather, I aim to treat the whole body, considering all the aspects of their being. “

In the drizzling rain of the Xinyi Planning district, a luxury house with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooks the hustle and bustle of the Taipei metropolitan area. Despite its proximity to the city center, the area is peaceful and secluded. Le-Renouveau, an aesthetic medicine center, has not only made a wise location choice overlooking the best commercial district in Taipei but has also incorporated an interior design concept that resembles a luxury house. This offers a comfortable space and high-quality experience to its clients. Guided by the concept of balanced and elegant holistic medicine, Le-Renouveau aims to create a beautiful and personalized environment in the urban area. Here the medical cosmetology goes beyond purely offering basic treatments, and provides a place where, with the support of a professional team, one can enjoy the balance of mind, body, and spirit.

The current space has been built up gradually with the efforts of Dr. Hsueh Bo-Ren, Dr. William Ko, and the team at Beauté J’adore Esthetic Medicine. To ensure a high-quality ambience, 25% of the budget was dedicated to acquiring exquisite artwork for the space. Dr. Hsueh Bo-Ren shared, “I am drawn to Japanese artists and love the way that they portray the demeanor of characters through their art, like Yoshitomo Nara.” This admiration has inspired the design of the space featuring an abundance of Japanese artwork. Kintsugi, a delicate porcelain repair method, has its roots in traditional Japanese crafts. This craft involves transforming imperfections into unique beauty, an approach that aligns with one of the founding principles of Le-Renouveau. The medical cosmetology center emphasizes the importance of carving out a perfect balance and aiming to assist visitors in achieving a genuinely balanced beauty. In fact, the name “Sainte Tia,” from Beauté J’adore’s original Chinese name, has an artistic origin. It is inspired by the Venetian painter Titian, known for his masterful depictions of characters and his appreciation for the human condition. Although these details may appear small, they are the result of a process of artistic and aesthetic inspiration. The meticulously planned space reflects the clinic’s ideology of elevating the client’s experience and promoting their well-being. The pursuit of a balance between the beauty, treatments, and physical and mental health of their patrons is significant to Le-Renouveau’s approach.

Dr. Hsueh Bo-Ren (left), founder of Beauté J’adore Esthetic Medicine and Dr. William Ko (right), Chief Medical Technology Officer at Le-Renouveau.

Our Thoughts Shape our Emotions.

As we stood in front of the lobby windows, Dr. Hsueh made a straightforward remark about healthcare, “The term ‘healthcare’ often sounds sterile and impersonal, and encompasses people’s tendency to worry about injections. What we need is to infuse humanity into healthcare.” He emphasized that whether one is dealing with a bone fracture or a sports injury, the medical experience involves waiting in queue and fearing injections and treatments, all of which are human nature. Therefore, Dr. Hsueh, through the collaborative efforts of his team, aspires to build a medical environment that puts patients at ease, without the fear or worries about pain. “While treating a person, I don’t just address an illness. Rather, I aim to treat the whole person, considering all the aspects of their being” he said firmly. The holistic medical approach that he is pursuing involves achieving a balance in one’s body, mind, and spirit—an important yet often overlooked concept in both the medical and beauty industries in Taiwan. Through the expert sense of fashion and aesthetics of his team, Dr. Hsueh hopes to establish a beauty and healthcare service that not only caters to customers’ physical needs but also resonates with their emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

When it comes to aesthetic medicine, Dr. Hsueh Bon-ren frankly stated that adding the term “aesthetic” to the service does not make it easy or simple. In fact, it is still a medical service, which requires a thorough understanding of the customer’s condition and needs. Merely selling treatment plans or dispensing injections would be inadequate as this would mean failing to deliver holistic care and could present safety issues. Dr. Hsueh also commented that the aesthetic medicine industry is currently in a chaotic state. Several clinics solely focus on selling treatment plans or offering unprofessional, cheap services, such as directly inviting doctors to administer at-home injections, which are not a good treatment experiences. Taking Care of both Body and Mind is Essential for Bringing out One’s Natural Beauty. In addition to offering beauty treatments, Dr. Hsueh aims to provide clients with top-notch care, comparable to that of a medical consultant.

Providing attentive care to clients addresses both their internal and external well-being.

“I need to understand each customer’s requirements, from aesthetic medicine, to health and to anti-aging. It’s not just about looking good on the outside,” says Dr. Hsueh. He believes in the principle of holistic healthcare, where expert consultation is conducted to ascertain the health condition of each patient before designing the most suitable treatment plan tailored to their needs. This plan is subsequently carried out in a secluded and relaxing environment. Akin to a dedicated consultant offering a confidential, comfortable, and comprehensive experience, Le-Renouveau aims to provide customized medical care to each client in a relaxing environment. This encompasses everything, from location and décor to lifestyle, beauty, health, and skin management, as well as advanced aesthetic medicine treatments. This is the ideal medical process that aligns with Dr. Hsueh’s vision. From Beauté J’adore’s aesthetic medicine to the extensive development of their health management services today, Dr. Hsueh Bon-ren is undoubtedly realizing his vision one step at a time.

The simple yet precise space created by the team reflects Dr. Hsueh’s habits and collections of favorite products. A Patek Philippe Nautilus Collection watch on his wrist, paired with a simple yet smart casual and crisp attire, makes it evident that he demands quality. When asked about his choice of watch, he smiled and said that he used to like Rolex like most people, but after thoroughly studying watches, he discovered that Patek Philippe’s watchmaking philosophy is closely aligned with the ethics that he pursues in his medical treatments. Each component of the watch, including the hairspring and balance wheel, is manufactured in-house by their dedicated team. “We share a similar philosophy. Although we may not excel at every specialty, we have a comprehensive understanding of our customers’ needs and are committed to providing the best possible care to them. ” Dr. Hsueh shared with a firm expression. Indeed, just as he explained, the manufacturing of a Patek Philippe watch is a culmination of a team’s relentless pursuit toward perfect in-house technology. This mirrors the team’s collective goal of offering an unparalleled level of care to each client.

Dr. Hsueh Bo-Ren, the founder of Beauté J’adore Esthetic Medicine.

Exhibit Unique Self-confidence and Character

Human beings have always displayed an innate pursuit toward beauty. Whether it is the balance between strength and beauty displayed in the sculptures of ancient Greece or the golden ratio depicted in Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings, beauty is the result of perfect symmetry. In modern times, with the development of aesthetic medicine, people’s desire for beauty is more evident. Beauty comes naturally when we attain harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. Based on this foundation, Dr. Hsueh Bo-Ren and Dr. William Ko aim to create a more comprehensive medical experience by instilling the appropriate principles. Additionally, being a dermatologist, Dr. Ko shared his unique ideas and insights on beauty.

“I believe that beauty is an expression of an overall balanced state, which radiates from within.” Dr. Ko further shared that the purpose of pursuing beauty is not to conform to the expectations of the masses but to showcase one’s unique qualities and self-confidence. “In fact, everyone’s situation and expectations are different, and our team, using the leadership of our doctors, insists on customizing the most suitable treatment plan for each client approaching us to seek beauty, based on our professional diagnosis and experience.” Undoubtedly, this is the best care. According to Dr. Hsueh and Dr. Ko, true beauty is a healthy state of physical, mental, and spiritual balance. One can radiate natural beauty from within only when a good health is achieved.

Creating Tailored Skin Management

Sports enthusiast Dr. Ko shared that he has participated in athletics since he was young and played university-level basketball in high school. He enjoys the physical and mental state attained after physical exercise and loves observing the power and beauty of body movements. “Beautiful movements or postures are something that I highly appreciate, as they demonstrate balance. Additionally, exercise can influence one’s external appearance. For instance, good blood circulation can naturally brighten the skin.” He laughingly remarked that he pays great attention to skin conditions, perhaps because he is a dermatologist. Being the body’s largest organ, the skin can indicate one’s internal state and overall health. Despite his reserved demeanor, Dr. Ko possesses a distinct understanding of his profession and is able to identify the blind spots often overlooked by people while purchasing cosmetic products and treatments.

“For customers with skin problems, our professional practice involves first identifying the root cause of the problem, and then administering treatment once their skin condition has stabilized,” he said. He also mentioned that many people simply buy treatment plans and complete their sessions without first getting a skin checkup done, which can potentially reduce the efficacy of the treatment, or even worsen their skin problems. Treating the symptoms without treating the root cause is a severe problem. “Many people experience worsening of their skin condition after undergoing a treatment. Perhaps these plans are simply not suitable for their skin.” Dr. Ko advocates for first treating the skin condition and later customizing a suitable treatment plan. Popular treatments may not be suitable for everyone. Transformation is a process that requires patience and making adjustments based on an evaluation of the results of each course of treatment, to provide customers with the best possible outcome. He expressed how lucky he feels to have been trusted by many people. Long-term cooperation allows him to establish a relationship of mutual trust with patients, and provides time for the skin to breathe and rebuild between the treatments, achieving truly customized skin management.


Dr. William Ko, Chief Medical Technology Officer at Le-Renouveau.

A Sense of Beauty comes by Observing Life

Through his work in a related industry, he has developed a strong pursuit and sensitivity toward aesthetics, combined with a natural inclination toward observation. Having a decade of experience in aesthetic medicine, he finds himself naturally drawn to works depicting human appearances. Dr. Ko likes the painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Vermeer, a Dutch painter. From the subtle changes in light and shadow, and the balance and symmetry of the subject’s features, he sees the beauty of harmony within. Being naturally gifted at recognizing faces and being able to recognize people after seeing them only once, he jokingly described it as an occupational disease. Paying attention to people and their skin condition is indeed a common and essential skill required in this industry.

Similarly, Dr. Hsueh is concerned with all things related to people. Dr. Hsueh described two instances of experiencing sense of comfort. First, when his child was born, he purchased a piece of art that combines animal and human forms, which has a healing effect on him. Second, he experiences comfort and warmth when he views the characters in Yoshitomo Nara’s paintings. Dr. Hsueh’s art preferences are actually quite diverse, including popular items like Kaws figurines and other art installations. These pieces will also find a place at Le-Renouveau in the future. The primary objective is to create such a space for the visitors that evokes a sense of being in a living room, where they can feel at ease and have their spirits uplifted.

Achieve the Ideal Aesthetic Form

Aesthetic medicine is not only a serious medical process, but also a field that seeks beauty and enriches life experience. Beauty goes beyond than what is just on the outside. True beauty stems from inner contentment and healing. These feelings are deeply intertwined with our way of life, and therefore, living optimally holds the key to achieving natural beauty. For that reason, we asked both doctors to share their idea of a perfect day. Interestingly, both of them believe that the key to an optimal way of living is by maintaining balance, allocating an equal amount of time to work, family, and relaxation.

Hsueh Bo-Ren’s routine starts with drinking black coffee, swimming, and then having meetings with colleagues and friends in the morning. The most anticipated part of his day after work is spending time with his family and watching dramas about medicine and law together. After everyone else has gone to bed, he takes time for relaxation and self-examination, perhaps by meditating or reviewing the events of his day. He finds this to be the best way of achieving a balance between rest and work. William Ko’s daily routine is quite similar. He wakes up and heads to work, post work, he goes to the gym or plays sports, and finally returns home to read storybooks to his children and spend time with his wife. Both of them have busy schedules and often attend seminars, but they firmly believe that finding enjoyment in work and taking time to rest are essential in maintaining good health.


On a warm and breezy afternoon, both the doctors shared their visions for an ideal life and future designs for the space. Over time, a new concept was gradually taking shape. As Hsueh Bo-Ren stated, “In our medical treatments, our aim is to reassure our clients that we not only to provide aesthetic medicine but also holistic care for all of their requirements, much like a personal healthcare butler.” Medical treatments rather than being a cold and merely clinical process should be a warm, compassionate experience for the, client providing the highest quality of care. In the future, Le-Renouveau will be promoted to everyone who shares our values through a meticulous plan executed by our elite medical team, starting with our flagship clinic in Taipei’s Xinyi district. Our goal is to become the most reputable and exemplary aesthetic medicine center in Asia.

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