Vbeam Perfecta Picosecond Laser Treatments

Dr. William Ko—Chief Medical Technology Officer at Le-Renouveau

Even with a consistent skincare routine, many individuals seeking beauty treatments in clinical settings continue to experience problems such as acne scars, blemishes, and closed comedones. In some cases, they notice that their skin’s capacity to absorb skincare products has diminished, prompting them to seek medical aesthetic assistance to address these issues.

The causes of problematic skin are often complex, so there is also often more than one solution available.

Regarding laser treatments, the most common approach in the industry involves using a single laser machine to address all types of skin problems. However, this practice falls short of providing treatments that cater to patients’ individual needs since skin type, daily routine, and skincare habits differ among people. As a result, the ideal treatment duration also unique to each person. Dr. Ko’s go-to laser therapy technique in clinical settings is a fully-customized and comprehensive approach that maximizes particular benefits of the latest technology in picosecond and dye lasers, enabling it to effectively address a wide range of skin problems.

What is a picosecond laser? Picosecond is a unit of time, with 1 picosecond equal to one trillionth (10 to the power of −12) of a second. Picosecond lasers shorten the pulse duration of the laser, reducing heat damage to the skin and the postoperative recovery time. Moreover, picosecond lasers help prevent skin tone from darkening again. The light shockwave generated by picosecond laser can break down pigments, achieving anti-aging effects such as skin whitening and texture improvement.

Dye lasers primarily target hemoglobin staining under the skin, such as dilated blood vessels, red acne scars, and skin redness. Le-Renouveau’s new generation of dye laser treatment differs from the traditional ones due to its ability to gently heat the target area, thus avoiding damage caused by rapid heating of the blood vessels. This significantly results in a reduced postoperative recovery time and a much more effective treatment.

Although picosecond lasers are typically used to target pores and spots, and dye lasers are commonly used to target blood vessel pigments, both lasers are capable of removing pigmentation. However, determining the best suited laser for a particular situation relies on the expert judgment by a professional doctor for the most suitable and effective treatment. Dr. Ko’s comprehensive skin management program aims to create a personalized plan for every individual, which he has achieved through his years of experience in aesthetic medicine and dermatology. Rather than navigating the overload of information on the internet, you can rely on his professional expertise for guidance for the most natural and confidence-boosting outcome. Let Le-Renouveau help you discover your perfect balance of aesthetic harmony.