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I’m finally going to share my experience with Thermage FLX! I’ve received several messages asking update about my progress over the past few months, far more than I normally receive for bags and shoes. I used the excuse of “the timing not being right” to avoid sharing, but now that over four months have passed and that I’ve discussed it with Dr. Ko ,this is the perfect time for me to share. Let’s get straight to the point.

▲ I consulted Dr. Ko before the Thermage FLX treatment

Q1. Does Thermage FLX hurt?

Of course, it does. If you were to ask my husband M about the three things that I fear the most, he would instantly answer: pain, sunlight, and cockroaches! I am not very tolerant of pain. I yell and scream for everyone to hear even if the pain is minimal. Although Dr. Ko had given me oral medication, a painkiller injection, and local anesthesia before the Thermage FLX treatment, I still experienced pain.
Especially when it hit around my chin, I couldn’t help but scream. Throughout the whole process, Dr. Ko kept chatting with me to divert my attention, and I talked about the interests of every generation of my ancestors in order to shift my focus.

It’s amazing that every time I was about to scream, Dr. Ko would quickly ask me to rate how much it hurts on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most painful. However, I never answered his question as most of the times it was only a warm sensation. I was a little scared at first, but I quickly got used to it. It actually was painful only for about a quarter of the time, and this piercing pain only lasted for 1 to 2 seconds. By the time I was thinking about how much pain I was feeling, it was already over. I guess thinking about the level of pain I was feeling was also a way to distract myself. After a few rounds, it was over before I knew it.

But if you were to ask me whether I would prefer to be awake or asleep during the next treatment, I think I would still choose to be awake with local anesthesia. First, pain is something that comes and goes; after all, it is not painful for the whole 40 minutes, and each time it stings, the pain is very brief and can be endured. Second, being conscious during the treatment allows me to provide instant feedback to Dr. Ko on any discomfort I experience, which enables him to quickly assess my condition and make the process safer and more reassuring. Me, being a person who is extremely afraid of pain, was able to handle it, so I think most people would be too.

▲ Thermage FLX treatment at the Le-Renouveau Treatment Room

Q2. What is the recovery period after the Thermage FLX treatment?
I was told that for the initial few days after the treatment, the face will swell up like a chipmunk. I have seen pictures shared by my friends with small faces showing swelling on their entire face. The swelling will gradually normalize within a week. However, I must be unique because when I looked in the mirror, I thought my face was a little swollen, but it was only the feeling of eating too much salty food and drinking a lot of water the previous night. My mother happened to be up to visit her grandchildren, so I casually asked her:
“Do you think my face is particularly swollen?”
“No.” My mother quickly replied, and then…
“Ah, but isn’t your face always swollen?” That last sentence was not needed, thank you very much.
As my face didn’t swell much, I asked Dr. Ko if perhaps there was no reaction from the treatment. He explained that the level of swelling has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the treatment.
Q3. Does it work?
This is what everyone is most concerned about—it’s okay if it hurts, but the most important thing is that it makes you more beautiful.

For the first two months, I couldn’t see any difference when I looked in the mirror every day. However, as time went by, I realized that I looked a little different from certain angles. My skin appeared to be slightly improved, and I felt that it was because it had become slightly tighter, leading to the illusion that my skin had improved. Coincidentally, during that time, I made an unboxing video of a bag, which I hadn’t done for a year. While editing the video, I looked at myself on the screen and felt like my face was really different. Looking at photos is not very accurate because I often cover my face with my hair and ensure to take pictures in a good angle, so it’s hard to see the before and after difference. However, videos are the most honest depictions of what I look like, especially when I saw this video ( )that was taken just before I underwent Thermage FLX treatment… Who is that lady with the loose face? Well, that was me. And then when I looked at my unboxing video from two and a half months after my treatment ( ), I could see a noticeable difference with a naked eye. My double chin was also particularly prominent before, and even a downward angle shot couldn’t hide it. Now it has become much better. Although the makeup and lighting in the two videos are different, the contour lines cannot be faked.

I couldn’t quantify these subtle changes by looking at myself every day, the most tangible difference I saw was when I went for a check-up after around three months and saw comparison of the high-definition photos of my bare face on Dr. Ko’s computer! I don’t intend to scare everyone by posting those photos here, I’m still a good person. The professional unedited photos are truly terrifying and make the difference between the recent and three month old picture clear.

I am not sure if it’s obvious to other people. Because my face was originally quite chubby, I can clearly see in the photos that the loose skin has tightened inward. I have already asked Dr. Ko to put 12 layer security on those two photos. We don’t need a third person to see those terrifying contrast pictures (Oh wait, there is actually the third person—the assistant who took the photos. Fingers crossed that she doesn’t remember anything).
It’s been more than four months now. Even M said that although he can’t point out what has changed exactly, he feels that my face has become younger. This is exactly what we want, to look younger without people being able to tell what exactly is different. If you noticed the difference, then can we still call it natural? Due to the change in my physical appearance, my dress sense has also become more casual.

Since the beginning of the Thermage FLX treatment four months ago, I have noticed a notable increase in the number of selfies I take on my phone. Unfortunately, I don’t have many pre-treatment selfies for comparison. I used to avoid taking selfies as I was conscious about my chubby face and didn’t like taking much pictures. Therefore, I usually took full-body photos or side profiles with my hair covering my face. Now, it’s obvious that I spend more time looking at and appreciating myself. I can really feel the difference.
Q4. Is it worth undergoing the treatment?

Radiofrequency (RF) treatment itself is effective, otherwise it would not have been so popular for so many years. When I informed my friends about my decision to undergo Thermage FLX, several of them shared their experiences of RF treatment and stated that they believed that it was worth the money spent. They also asked me to share my reviews after doing it, so they could use that as a reference. Thermage FLX offers more updated, accurate, and faster technology that results in shorter treatment times and reduced pain compared to traditional RF treatment. If you’re considering Thermage FLX, be sure to choose the latest generation for the best results. Also, it’s crucial to look for a highly qualified and experienced doctor. Dr. William Ko, an expert in the field, is one such option.

Just a year or two ago, I didn’t consider using external methods to alter my facial features as I didn’t want to change my natural appearance. However, over the past year, I couldn’t hide my exhaustion and noticed signs of aging on my face. I desired for a non-invasive way to rejuvenate my skin and hold on to a bit of youthfulness. Thermage FLX treatment really impressed me. My face remained the same, and my facial proportions didn’t change. The change was slow and very natural.

Over time, the skin of my face began to feel tighter with more elasticity and a noticeable plumpness. I was astonished by the subtle yet noticeable changes over the past four months. Now, I love looking at myself in the mirror every day. The changes are so subtle that I have not been left with any obvious signs of undergoing a treatment, and it is a completely stealthy way of becoming more beautiful.

To quote a friend, if you undergo Thermage FLX treatment continuously for ten years, you’ll be able to guess who stopped aging ten years ago if you attend a class reunion after that time. It’s worth allocating a portion of your budget for Thermage FLX treatment and maintenance each year. For those who were awaiting my feedback, I apologize for the delay. However, please note that it usually takes an average of three to four months after the treatment to notice significant results, so technically I have kept you waiting for six months! Get in touch with Dr. Ko for a consultation as soon as possible. Let’s amaze others with our youthful vigor at the class reunion in ten years’ time.