Pink CPU: Before Thermage FLX Treatment

Pink CPU

【New Gen Thermage FLX】Pre-surgery Post:Pink CPU-Facebook Fan Page
Oh, oh, I just realized that I forgot to mention that the last time I went to Le-Renouveau
was actually for Thermage FLX treatment, hahaha.
I haven’t been to any cosmetology clinics in the past two years, until one day a friend recommended Thermage FLX treatment and mentioned how great this treatment was. It tightens the face and stimulates collagen production, and including many other great effects. Later, I learnt that my friend Wenlin also went to see Dr. William at Le-Renouveau… Awkward! I guess this is a sign~ (laughs)

▲ Dr. William Ko, a dermatologist at Le-Renouveau, is conducting my pre-surgery consultation.

As I’m already in my 40s, it’s time to consider maintaining and lifting my face. I’ll schedule an appointment immediately! !
It is said that, after completing the Thermage FLX treatment, my skin will evolve and collagen production will be stimulated during a one to three month period. In order to look like 30 on my 41st birthday (haha, ideally), I rushed to get the treatment done last month! ! (It was a stroke of luck that I visited the clinic on the day Dr. Ko was available)

In the pre-surgery consultation, I was carefully reminded that each probe is for single use only. It’s worth emphasizing that it’s crucial to choose the clinic and probe authorized by the manufacturer! Before opening the package, you can scan the QR code on the outside of the probe box to check its authenticity. Then, just entrust the doctor and allow them to handle everything, as I did.😌😌😌

I finished the procedure without any discomfort! (I must give credit to Dr. Ko for this) I have heard before that there might be some skin puffiness on waking up, similar to bloating that we experience after eating too much salt or drinking alcohol the previous night. However, since my face was a bit too thin before, I felt that the swelling looked just right.😆

The pain wasn’t that bad. The pain extended to my neck at the most, and some areas of my skin around the neck felt itchy, like a prickly heat rash after sunbathing; however, it was short-lived. Using moisturizer and sunscreen more often were helpful in reducing this feeling!

follow-up care. Moreover, the best part is that no one even notices that I have done anything!✌️✌️✌️

That’s my story! I’ll share the good news with everyone after two months when my skin is super tight (lol)