ELLANSE 洢蓮絲是由荷蘭及英國共同研發的真皮填充劑,糅合透明質酸、微晶瓷及單一聚左乳酸的好處,材質凝聚力佳,有效填充臉部凹陷、重塑輪廓、撫平皺紋,效果即時顯著,可全部被人體吸收,非永久性的植入體。具「玻尿酸」立即填充作用,同時又有「晶亮瓷」和「PLLA」後續刺激膠原蛋白生長的特色;但卻不像「PLLA」需要術後持續按摩來刺激膠原增生,也無須等待1-2個月自體膠原蛋白生長,因此更廣泛運用於拉提、輪廓線提升。



Ellansé Applications

  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • “Apple” cheeks
  • Brow bones
  • Wrinkles
  • Cheeks
  • Nose
  • Temples

The unique properties of the perfect polycaprolactone (PCL) microspheres in Ellansé make them highly resistant to engulfment by macrophages, thereby preventing inflammatory reactions in the body. In addition, following hydrolysis, the components of Ellansé are fully converted into H2O and CO2, which can be safely absorbed by the human body. The unique size and characteristics of the surface of the PCL microspheres in Ellansé allow macrophages to form a mesh-like collagen framework on the surface of the microspheres rather than engulfing them, resulting in firmer and more elastic facial skin.

3D PLLA, which is injected in its liquid state, is commonly used in cosmetic treatments to fill in wrinkles, depressions, and sagging skin. It can initially cause temporary swelling and expansion due to the moisture content in the mixture. However, within 3-5 days, the water is metabolized, the original wrinkles and depressions will reappear, and the remaining 3D PLLA powder will begin to stimulate the gradual growth of autologous collagen proteins.

Ellansé utilizes PCL microcrystal spheres which stimulate collagen production to maintain long-lasting treatment effects. The injection is available in four different versions: S, M, L, and E, each containing different PCL compositions and varying durations of effectiveness

In Taiwan, only the one-year S formulation and the two-year M formulation of Ellansé are currently approved for use.。


Internationally Certified Ellansé Instructor Dr. William Ko


1、Individuals who may not be suitable for the injection: those who have drug allergies, are pregnant, are breastfeeding, have neuromuscular diseases like myasthenia gravis or multiple sclerosis, those with severe heart, liver, kidney, or lung diseases, those with connective tissue diseases, or those who are currently taking muscle relaxants.

2、Individuals who have open wounds or severe cystic acne on the treatment area are not suitable for injection.

The effects can be seen immediately after injection and will continue to improve and become more refined as collagen grows.

Both are collagen-inducing fillers that stimulate the body’s production of collagen to naturally increase the thickness of the dermis. However, Ellansé can be injected directly and will immediately fill the treatment area after the mixture has been sterilized and opened, while Sculptra must be mixed with water to create the treatment contents before it can be injected. Unlike Ellansé and other injectable materials that are commonly measured in CCs, Sculptra is measured by bottles. After opening the bottles of its initial white powder form, it needs to be mixed with water and allowed to settle for 48 hours to create the proper injectable mixture.
Ellansé is commonly known as the “miracle injection” or the “youthful injection” on the market, while Sculptra is commonly known as the “baby face injection”.

Ellansé is a non-permanent filler that comes in four different manufacturer versions, with varying durations for consumers to choose from. The available versions include the S version, which lasts for one year; the M version, which lasts for two years; the L version, which lasts for three years; and the E version, which lasts for four years. In Taiwan, only the S and M versions of Ellansé can be legally obtained at present.

It is not recommended for use on the lips and eyelids.

1.Pregnant or breastfeeding women.
2.Those who are receiving steroid treatment.
3.Cancer patients or those with compromised immune systems.
4.Those with blood clotting disorders or those using anticoagulant medications.
5.Those with special conditions such as keloids.

1、 Ice packs can be applied after the Ellansé treatment to reduce swelling (level of swelling will vary depending on individual body constitution).
2、Temporary bruising, slight swelling, and the presence of elastic material at the injection site may occur after the Ellansé treatment, but these symptoms are normal and will disappear within a few days to 1-2 weeks after treatment.
3、After the Ellansé treatment, it is recommended to apply a damp compress to the injection site or use moisturizing products to care for the skin.
4、Avoid sunbathing, swimming, or going to sauna for seven days after Ellansé treatment. When washing your face, be gentle and avoid squeezing or massaging.
5、For those who have undergone a nose reshaping treatment with Ellansé, it is advisable to avoid using glasses for the first seven days after the treatment.
6、 The results of the Ellansé treatment vary from person to person, and the doctor will provide a recommendation on whether further injections are required based on individual needs.
7、 A follow-up visit is recommended 1-2 weeks after Ellansé treatment, and additional injections may be provided depending on individual circumstances and needs.

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